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Who ever said entire home renovations have to be a total nightmare? It sure wasn't me! 

We renovated this sweet little home as adorably naive newlyweds and had quite the adventure learning everything we needed to know about homeownership, power tools, and the whole works. 

Of course, with this being our first major home renovation project, there were some hiccups, but it turned out perfectly acceptable in the end. We made an entire year's salary on this one flip!

Little River House

entire home renovation

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I never imagined buying a house while in labor, but here we are! Life is funny that way, isn't it?

Just like how we had been dreaming of starting a family, we also were dreaming of shifting our careers and moving to a lake. We talked about this dream in vivid detail. We knew the house would be painted black. We could imagine exactly how we’d feel in this home, looking at the water.

Back then, we had no idea how this would be possible. But it all was.

Camp Miller

entire home renovation

See how easy it is to turn your big ideas into reality with a bit of planning and support from DIY Home School. 

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