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At DIY Home School, we will help you make your dream home a reality while obsessively protecting your two greatest resources: time and money

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I’m Becca, the founder of DIY Home School. I am a licensed Realtor, Airbnb vacation property owner, and seasoned “flipper.” If that isn’t enough, I am also a teacher by trade and a mom and wife by choice. I know the ins and outs of real estate investment, planning renovations with profit margin in mind, and making houses more livable and lovable. 

I believe everyone is a super secret creative genius and has dreams worth pursuing.

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Let’s maximize your spaces, breathe life back into old treasures, and “edit” out clutter that doesn’t spark joy. Let’s turn your home into a space that truly brings peace to your life (rather than more stress). I’m here to help you make wise financial and time investment decisions and teach you how to make your house into the Pinterest-worthy home you’ve been imagining. 

I believe that design is all about finding innovative ways to solve a problem. When your space doesn’t function in a way that makes sense for you or your family, it’s time to get creative and come up with a solution! 

Let’s schedule a time to work through your tricky spaces together and come up with a plan that is both resourceful and gorgeous.

Home Renovation Consulting Services

Virtual and In-Person

With my support, all of your home renovation projects are possible!

... if you have a million ideas floating around in your mind and don’t know where to start.

... if you have a few big projects you want to tackle but don’t know which one to work on first.

... if you are considering moving because the house isn’t working for you (but you love the location).

... if you bought a starter home and would like to increase your equity (via sweat).

... if you recently went through a major life change (number of family members, employment/education status, etc.) and need to shift your home to make it work for this new season.

... if you have an idea of what you want to do, but need an accountability partner to help you stay motivated.

... if you want to update your home but keeping within budget intimidates you.

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Massive change in the way a space looks, feels, and functions can be achieved with basic “handy” home skills. Anything more than simple measuring, painting, hammering, and cutting of materials can be learned right here on our blog or on YouTube.

you might feel like renovation projects require specialized skills...

Massive change in the way a space looks, feels, and functions can be achieved for less money than you might think, making it a great investment and definitely worth trying.

you might feel like renovation projects are so expensive...

Massive change in the way a space looks, feels, and functions CAN be achieved in a short time frame with only a few tools and a little research.

you might feel like renovation projects are so time consuming...

I've been where you are right now

To compliment our design and strategy sessions, consider visiting The School Store, where you can download some of my favorite planning resources. 

Additional consultation time can always be added onto an existing package to best serve your home renovation and design needs. 


During our sessions, we’ll go over my signature four-step process to outline your plan and determine what resources are needed to work through it to completion. I will help you prioritize your projects so you are tackling the items that are most urgent and the highest return on your investment. 

If you’re just in the beginning stages of searching for the perfect home, I would be happy to help you identify which properties will give you the most bang for your buck.


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We would highly recommend Becca. She went well above and beyond for us in the sale of our previous house and getting us into our dream home! She was quick to get back to us and answer any of our questions and or concerns. She handled the few hiccups we had with ease. Nothing but great things to say!

"nothing but great things to say!"

Becca is very easy to work with and guided us through our first home buying purchase smoothly!

"very easy to work with"

Becca is so sweet and knowledgeable. I’ve worked for her and seen her in action with clients and would recommend her 1000%!

"would recommend her 1000%!"

Becca is so wonderful to work with! She listens, gives advice but never oversteps, and is on your side throughout the whole process. So refreshing to work with someone who communicates effectively. Becca made this process doable for us…recommend 100%!!!

"she gives advice but never oversteps"

Collaborative Design + Project Management

Collaborative Design + Project Coaching

Design Strategy Consultation Call

signature services syllabus + investment

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After I hear your big vision, let’s walk through my 4 Question Method, develop your project timeline, and start your cohesive vision board. Then, let's wrap up with an overview of what time and money you'll save with the choices you've made using my signature planning method.

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1 one-hour design strategy call

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One-hour Design Strategy Consultation Call

elementary | $125

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After we go through all of the good stuff in the design strategy call, I will help you choose the best materials for your budget and lifestyle, teach you how to use unfamiliar tools and develop new skills, and check in frequently for support. I am here to cheer you on and keep you going toward the finish line. 

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1 one-hour design strategy call (everything in Elementary tier). 3 Fifteen-minute accountability and support calls.

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Collaborative Design + Project Coaching

Intermediate | $325

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After we go through all of the good stuff in the design strategy call, I will create a custom project binder, complete with a timeline and task list, receipts and budget details, and personalized educational resources. I will be there to support you as you look to hire contractors or roll up your own sleeves.

preview the syllabus

1 one-hour design strategy call (see Elementary tier). Frequent accountability and support check-ins. Calls to vet potential service providers. Wrap-up call.

what's on the schedule

Collaborative Design + Project Management

senior | $850+

I can only take on a limited number of calls per month, so if you’re thinking about starting a big project, I encourage you to reach out now.

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Yes, I definitely can! Choosing materials for a home can be overwhelming -- especially when there are so many types of flooring and hardware and benefits to each. We will work together to find materials that meet your lifestyle needs and budget.

will you help me choose materials?

Yes and no. I will be here to help you with your planning, design, encouragement, and all of that good stuff. But when it comes to demo and getting dirty, we'll let you and your strong friends (or licensed and insured contractors) tackle that part. 

will you do the work for me?

While I would love to follow every single home to completion, I know how one thing can lead to another very quickly. *Hello, inspiration!* When we work together, we'll define the scope of your current project and I will be right beside you the whole way. It's going to be great!

will you stick around throughout the whole project?

I sure can! One of my favorite things is helping people realize they are way more capable of renovating their home than they realize. It just takes a bit of encouragement. 

can you teach me how to use tools?

you might be wondering...

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You no longer have to let a space linger for years, unfinished and unsatisfactorily styled. I am here to help you through the planning and design process and give you the confidence you need to get started.

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