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Yes, I definitely can! Choosing materials for a home can be overwhelming -- especially when there are so many types of flooring and hardware and benefits to each. We will work together to find materials that meet your lifestyle needs and budget.

will you help me choose materials?

Yes and no. I will be here to help you with your planning, design, encouragement, and all of that good stuff. But when it comes to demo and getting dirty, we'll let you and your strong friends (or licensed and insured contractors) tackle that part. 

will you do the work for me?

While I would love to follow every single home to completion, I know how one thing can lead to another very quickly. *Hello, inspiration!* When we work together, we'll define the scope of your current project and I will be right beside you the whole way. It's going to be great!

will you stick around throughout the whole project?

I sure can! One of my favorite things is helping people realize they are way more capable of renovating their home than they realize. It just takes a bit of encouragement. 

can you teach me how to use tools?

you might be wondering...

Finding yourself scrolling Zillow, day-dreaming of ditching your out-grown home? Been there, my friend! If you feel it's time to to move on,  let's get you ready for the adventure!

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