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I am a licensed Realtor and DIY home makeover-er with a background in teaching everyone from 6-12, university students, and adult professionals.

I am here to empower YOU to make your design a reality! I teach you how to make the best financial and aesthetic moves for the scope of your project. We will maximize your ROI. Even if you aren't planning on selling your home, think of the equity you will gain in a short time!

Becca McLagan

First-Time Buyer? How to Ease Your Troubled Mind Ok, first-time buyer… here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your first home. 1) It’s OK to celebrate the small victories. I see each of the following as a step towards closing: An accepted offer (yay!), buyer and seller agreeing to certain improvements […]

Uneasy About Your First Home Purchase?

Real Estate

April 12, 2020

How Hard Can It Be to Tile Kitchen Backsplash? Truthfully, not that hard. My vision for the kitchen backsplash at Little River House did not (apparently) exist. I looked all over design books and Pinterest. The closest I could find to a look I loved was no backsplash. I love the minimalism of a plain […]

Kitchen Backsplash on a Budget

DIY Tutorials

September 1, 2019

Bang for the Buck- How I DIY’ed an Entire Kitchen Island Ok, confession time: I do not like spending money. Actually, to clarify, I don’t like over-spending. I like a bargain, I love a profit, and I care about spending my hard-earned dollars in meaningful ways. It’s important that you know that about me as […]

DIY Kitchen Island for Under $100

Project Portfolio

August 13, 2019

Goodbye Carpet- Hello Laminate!   Installing laminate wood floors was one of the first things we did at the Little River House. The FIRST thing we did was remove the stinky old carpet in preparation. I remember that first night very clearly. We signed all of our closing documents downtown, grabbed the keys, and sprinted […]

Installing Laminate Wood Floors

Project Portfolio

August 5, 2019

  We Flipped Our First House— Here’s How   I have spent years obsessively watching shows about home renovation. Hometown, Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict, Grand Designs, Income Property, Property Brothers, House Hunters Renovation, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Stone House Revival, oh my god all the things. The amount of life I’ve exchanged for this kind of […]

A Year’s Salary With One House Flip

Investing, Project Portfolio, Real Estate

June 26, 2019

Find a Realtor and lender before falling in love with a home Looking to buy a house? Know that it isn’t always an easy process. In this age of “do everything yourself to save a dime,” more buyers are shopping on their own before building a team of local experts. Here’s why that’s not your […]

Do This First When Looking to Buy a House

Real Estate

March 9, 2019

What it Actually Costs to Own a Home Raise your hand if you googled “mortgage calculator” to estimate your monthly house payments? Everyone? Yeah, me too. A common misconception, especially among first-time buyers, is that the mortgage is your total house payment. In actuality, the mortgage is only one cost to budget for when looking […]

What Does it Actually Cost to Own a Home?

Real Estate

March 9, 2019

“Can I offer on an “as-is” property with an FHA loan?” Sure, but you are easy to outbid. Great news! Your lender pre-approved you for an FHA loan with a surprisingly high limit. You don’t really know what FHA means, but you are excited to sign papers and lock down that charming fixer across town. […]

FHA Loans and “As-Is” Properties

Investing, Real Estate

March 8, 2019

Finding yourself scrolling Zillow, day-dreaming of ditching your out-grown home? Been there, my friend! If you feel it's time to to move on,  let's get you ready for the adventure!

Let's see if you're ready to sell. Take this short 5 question quiz to unlock  an extensive individualized plan for you!

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